'Prosperity': Film Review

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'Prosperity': Film Review

Post by MARTINEZ THOMAS » 29 Sep 2017 07:16

Mark van Wijk's documentary follows "urban monk" Pedram Shojai as he profiles companies and individuals engaged in socially conscious business practices.
"Real solutions." "Driven by purpose." "People primacy." If these annoying bumper sticker-style expressions make you nostalgic for Gwyneth Paltrow’s declaration that she and her husband Chris Martin were engaging in "conscious uncoupling," then Mark van Wijk’s documentary about sustainable business practices is for you. Especially considering that yet another phrase bandied about in the film is "conscious capitalism." Well-meaning to the extreme, Prosperity is the sort of high-minded cinematic primer that makes you immediately want to eat fast food and throw the non-degradable containers into a forest.

The film’s central figure is Pedram Shojai, who calls himself an "urban monk." It’s hard to say what the expression means, unless he’s one of those robe-wearing characters who approaches you on the streets of New York and asks for money. Sure enough, early in the proceedings, Shojai is shown walking through Times Square, offering the unique observation, "It’s so bright!"

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