Alessandro Romeo
Professione Dottorando Fisica ed Astronomia, Università di Bologna / Bassaio
Studi Laurea in Fisica, Università di Messina; Laurea in Astronomia, Università di Padova
Top 3 Libri Preferiti Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore, Italo Calvino; 1984, George Orwell; La Grammatica di Dio, Stefano Benni
Top 3 Film Preferiti Back to the Future, Robert Zemeckis; il Grande Lebowski, F.lli Coen; Full Metal Jacket, Stanley Kubrick
Top 3 Serie TV Preferite Breaking Bad, Friends, True Detective
Top 3 Idoli Sportivi Javier Zanetti, Michael Jordan, Josè Mourinho
Il viaggio dei sogni Islanda/Australia
Il concerto della vita Tool, 21-06-2006, Roma
Beatles o Rolling Stones Beatles
Idolo morto preferito Kurt Cobain
Favourite Drink Long Island
Cani o Gatti Entrambi + i Procioni
Grazie A tutti, a tanti, forse troppi. A me un pochino pure. A voi.
Articoli scritti da Alessandro Romeo
65daysofstatic (2013) Wild Light
A Place to Bury Strangers (2012) Worship
Abraham (2012) The Serpent, The Prophet & The Whore
Absu (2011) Abzu
Alcest (2012) Les Voyages De L’Âme
Altar of Plagues (2011) Mammal
Altar of Plagues (2013) Teethed Glory and Injury
Barn Owl (2013) V
Baroness (2012) Yellow & Green
Björk (2015) Vulnicura
Black Breath (2012) Sentenced to Life
Black Moth (2012) The Killing Jar
Black Willows (2013) Haze
Bloodiest (2016) Bloodiest
Blueneck (2012) Epilogue
Boris (2013) Präparat
Brokeback (2013) Brokeback and the Black Rock
Clutch (2013) Earth Rocker
Coilguns (2012) Stadia Rods EP
Coilguns (2013) Commuters
Converge (2012) All We Love We Leave Behind
Corrosion of Conformity (2012) Corrosion of Conformity
Cult of Luna (2013) Vertikal
Dark Tranquillity (2013) Construct
Dead Can Dance (2012) Anastasis
Deafheaven (2011) Roads to Judah
Deafheaven (2013) Sunbather
Dillinger Escape Plan (2013) One of Us Is the Killer
Ef (2012) Delusions of Grandeur EP
Enabler (2012) All Hail the Void
Gojira (2012) L’Enfant Sauvage
Gorguts (2016) Pleiades’ Dust
Hammers of Misfortune (2011) 17th Street
Hey Colossus (2013) Cuckoo Live Life Like Cuckoo
Ides of Gemini (2012) Constantinople
Intronaut (2013) Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)
Jesu (2013) Everyday I Get Closer to the Light from Which I Came
JK Flesh (2012) Posthuman
KoRn (2013) The Paradigm Shift
Kylesa (2013) Ultraviolet
Lamb of God (2012) Resolution
Lento (2012) Anxiety Despair Languish
Lou Reed & Metallica (2011) Lulu
Lustmord (2013) The Word as Power
Machine Head (2011) Unto the Locust
Marriages (2012) Kitsune
Mastodon (2011) The Hunter
Mastodon (2014) Once More ‘Round the Sun
Mastodon: Blood and Thunder
Megadeth (2013) Supercollider
Melvins (2013) Tres Cabrones
Meshuggah (2012) Koloss
Morne (2011) Asylum
Morne (2013) Shadows
Motorpsycho (2013) Still Life With Eggplants
Motorpsycho (2014) Behind the Sun
Motorpsycho (2016) Here Be Monsters
Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken (2012) The Death Defying Unicorn – A Fanciful and Fairly Far-Out Musical Fable
Motorpsycho: A Box Full of Demons, Monsters and Fluffy Dreams
Nero di Marte (2014) Derivae
Obelyskkh (2013) Hymn to Pan
Old Man Gloom (2012) NO
Opeth (2014) Pale Communion
Opeth: Eulogy for a Black Rose
Pallbearer (2012) Sorrow and Extinction
Pharmakon (2013) Abandon
Pharmakon (2014) Bestial Burden
Planks (2012) Funeral Mouth
Poppy Ackroyd (2013) Escapement
Primitive Man (2013) Scorn
Red Fang (2013) Whales and Leeches
Sofy Major (2013) Idolize
Sòlstafir (2014) Òtta
Storm{O} (2014) Sospesi nel vuoto bruceremo in un attimo e il cerchio sarà chiuso
Sunn O))) Meets Nurse with Wound (2011) The Iron Soul of Nothing
Surgery (2012) Reset
Swans (2012) The Seer
Switchblade (2012) Switchblade [2012]
Tenhi (2011) Saivo
Terra Tenebrosa (2013) The Purging
The Body (2013) Christs, Redeemers
The Body (2013) Master, We Perish EP
The Ocean (2013) Pelagial
Tim Hecker (2011) Dropped Pianos EP
Torche (2012) Harmonicraft
Touché Amoré (2013) Is Survived By
Toundra (2012) III
Ulcerate (2013) Vermis
Ulver (2013) Messe I.X-VI.X
Unsane (2012) Wreck
Vàli (2013) Skogslandskap
Vanity (2013) Occult You
Vincent Gallo (2001) When
Woods of Desolation (2011) Torn Beyond Reason
Zozobra (2013) Savage Masters